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Tanera Camans

Tanera Camans

Some Interesting Facts

Hickory Timber shinty sticks

Questions I get asked a lot…. A shinty caman (stick) is made typically from ash or hickory wood. Wood is a natural product and is regarded as a truly renewable natural resource. At Tanera Camans we produce around 1400 handmade…

The making of a shinty stick.

Tanera Camans

The making of a shinty stick – preparing the laminates It is now almost half way through the season for us and already we have handmade and produced over 600 shinty sticks, over the next few months we are going to…

Glues & Adhesives.

According to historians and archaeologists, adhesives have been used for thousands of years, probably since Stone Age cave dwellers first applied bitumen to stick flint axe heads to the tops of their wooden hunting spears. In ancient times, people made…

The Evolution of the Shinty Ball.

Shinty Balls

The Evolution of the Shinty Ball. In the early days of Shinty players made their own camans and balls from whatever materials were locally available. Traditionally balls were carved from wood, preferably a knot, as anyone struck by one would…