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The original name for a shinty club is a caman.

The original name for a shinty club is a caman, camain (plural).

The original Gaelic name for the game is “Iomain”.

The club can be made from any kind of timber, preferably hickory, ash or birch.

The curved part of the club is known as the “bas” and the shaft is the “cas” (Gaelic).

The “bas” should be triangular in section, i.e, both sides to slope inwards so as to meet on the top of the “bas” and the bottom should be flat, to meet both of the sloping sides at the bottom edges.

Sharp edges on the caman should be rounded off slightly to avoid injury to opponents.  

The “cas” should be almost cylindrical in shape and made as light as possible.

It is advisable to bind the top of the “cas” with thin leather or strong tape to give a good grip.

When placed at the side of the player a caman should not be above the top of the player’s hip.  No nails or metal of any kind are allowed.  

Always remember that a light caman is easier to handle than a heavy one, because it allows for quicker movements and does not make exacting demands on stamina.  

The head of the finished caman should pass through a ring of 2.5 in. diameter.

Always try to keep the caman dry and after a game it should be wiped clean with a cloth and then rubbed over lightly with a little raw linseed oil. 

When not in use the caman should rest or lie in a cool dark place. 

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