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Some Interesting Facts

Questions I get asked a lot….

A shinty caman (stick) is made typically from ash or hickory wood.

Wood is a natural product and is regarded as a truly renewable natural resource.

At Tanera Camans we produce around 1400 handmade camans per year!

This equates to around 80% of all camans produced in Scotland.

There are around 50 teams in Scotland with around 3500 registered players.

It takes around 2.5 hours to make one caman.

We make 20-30 camans per week.

We use around 150 litres of glue each year.

We cut around 750 battens of wood each year and produce over 12000 laminates each year.

We fill over 20, 1 ton bags with sawdust each year.

It takes the same work to produce a kids caman as it does an adult one.

Our camans come in 6 different lengths, with 4 different positions which equates to 15 different stick types.

Our players camans are made in batches of 10 so if a team were to order 1 of every caman we make, we would need to produce 150 camans to fulfil this order.

A typical order from a team at the beginning of the season is around 40 sticks.

Our largest single order from one team is 100 sticks.

We produce more forwards sticks than any other position.

As shinty is played outdoors, our players camans are produced differently from our presentation camans, with different glue and different moisture content within the wood itself.

Shinty is only played 8 months of the year and we produce enough camans throughout the year to fulfil our market share.

With only around 3500 registered shinty players the shinty stick market is very small and niche, so in order for us to grow and expand the sport would need to grow first.

In 2022 Shinty World was launched with the hope I could employ another full time worker at the workshop and I could then work between the 2 businesses myself.

Currently we are working hard to fulfil all orders this season with the hope we can start taking orders for next year in October.

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